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Will  Ram Setu Be Akshay Kumar’s Fifth Flop In A Row?



Ram Setu

The film distribution sector in  Bollywood has hit the panic mode, what with the  abysmal  track record  during the last two years at  the  boxoffice. And things aren’t getting any better. The  big Diwali release Ram Setu has registered a meagre 1.50 crore collection in the advance bookings for  the opening  day October  25.Ajay Devgan’s Thank God is in an even worse position.

What happens to Ram Setu  from  Day Two  onwards is   anyone’s guess. This is Akshay Kumar’s lowest advance-booking figure in years.

Should he be worried?

 “Yes, he must. So must all the  so-called A-listers . Their days are over. The  boxoffice is taken over  by  Kartik Aaryan  and the South stars like Rishab Shetty  whose Kantara is bigger than  all the  Bollywood releases barring Kartik’s Bhool Bhulaiya 2. I believe Akshayji has charged his producers Rs 100 crores for Ram Setu. If it doesn’t work, he must return the  money to the producer,” says Suman Sinha  a leading exhibitor of Bihar.

Sinha suggests a complete revamp of the pricing structure for the actors. “They must  cut their salaries  drastically. Only then can the multiplexes lower  their ticket rates.”

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