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Will Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan Break All His  Previous Records?




From  January 25 onwards after  Siddharth Anand’s Pathaan opens it  is  going to be madness at  the movie theatres for the next five days .The extended weekend is already booked  to the brim.  In theory, Pathaan is already a  hit. But how  big?

Trade  analyst Amod Mehra says, “Trade analysts are predicting a  spectacular opening of 35-40 crores on the  first  day of Pathaan. But when I  ask them what  according to them is their estimate of the collections on Monday 30 January, they  turn deaf.”

Mehra is not wrong in expressing a  note of caution  about Pathaan’s  boxoffice  prospects after the wild weekend.  Multiplex chains  across the  country are showing an encouraging trend. However there is  also the  fear of a slump post-weekend.

“Action films normally  don’t have  a repeat  value. The stunts  in Pathaan are firstrate.That  will get us the initial audience.The  rest depends  on  the  content,” the  manager of a  multiplex chain informs , adding that  the  producers ensured  an anticipatory  hail  for  the film.

“There is  a lot of positivity about  Pathaan in the media. Not one negative word anywhere. That will certainly help create  an atmosphere conducive to success,” says Roshan Singh,  a leading exhibitor of Bihar.

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