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Yes I Am Directing A Sequel To Masoom,” Shekhar Kapoor Confirms The Rumour



 The biggest rumour of the moment  has  been confirmed . Yes, Shekhar Kapoor is directing a sequel to  his 1983 classic Masoom. The rumour has been going around for some days but  without any confirmation from Shekhar.

 Finally  Shekhar in  an exclusive  chat confirms, “I am directing a sequel to Masoom. But  the details later.Let’s  chat later.”

Interestingly Shekhar Kapoor was in Mumbai last week for  five days to meet his daughter Kaveri.He didn’t speak  about the Masoom sequel to anyone in  Mumbai.In fact when this writer  touched  base with the  Masoom leading lady Shabana Azmi she confessed she  was completely  unaware of any sequel plans to Masoom although she had rformances  by Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi and Jugal  Hansraj.

We can’t wait to see what Shekhar Kapoor does in  the  sequel that comes more than  forty years  later.



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