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“You Can’t Use Me As A Clickbait,” Manoj Bajpayee On Speculation About His Political Plans



Manoj Bajpai

Manoj Bajpayee is both amused and exasperated by reports that he is all set to get into active politics  in Bihar.

 He clarifies for the last time. “You know, for twentyfive  years since my Satya days, people  have been speculating about  my joining  politics. They just don’t understand.I am this guy who left his  village at  19 . He is given  up everything, sacrificed the joy of being with his parents in the village to  explore an unknown world, chasing his dreams.When this guy is getting everything he  ever wanted for himself and  his family, when all his dreams are   coming true, why would he  at  any point of time give up all he has for an alternative career of uncertainty?”

Manoj says he has no interest  in politics. “It has always been an unknown area for me. I would never ever get into politics. Each time  there is  a  state or parliamentary election the speculations starts as to whether I am getting into politics. Well, I am not…not now  not ever. I am  tired  of  these speculations.”

He is  especially pissed off for no one asking him  before starting these rumours.  “Now with the social media, anyone can say anything without  clarifying with the person concerned. You can’t use  my name as  a  clickbait. I am very  tired of this, Subhash. This person whom they’re pushing into politics  is not me. No one cares to check facts these days.This is my last  word on this issue:  never ever will I join politics.  No matter how many state and parliamentary elections come I am not going to clarify. This  is my last interview on this subject.”

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