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YouTube Sensation Saloni Gaur Has Her Own Show Now



.Saloni Discusses Her Own Show With Subhash K Jha

Congratulations now you have your own show Uncommon  Sense  With Saloni on  SonyLIV. Your feelings about it at the moment?

It’s an amazing feeling and I am thankful to my audience and each and every  person  who has supported me in my journey. I never thought that someday I’ll have my own show and now when it has actually happened it sure feels like living a dream.

How did the show happen

 Someone from Sony’s team sent my team a mail to schedule a call. before that call took place I was thinking that may be they want us to promote some of their shows. But to my surprise they actually asked us to propose an idea for some show. They gave us full creative liberty. 

And then?

Then we made a team and pitched the idea for Uncommon Sense. They really liked it and then we started preparing for it in mid-June and now finally the first episode is out. 

Okay what are the ingredients that you’ll include for sure and  what are the things that you will avoid at any cost?

I don’t know .I mean, there’s no specific recipe for my content. I always try to include pop-culture references in my work and I believe there are certain feelings of people which we should not hurt so I always take care of it.

The public sentiment seems to get hurt very easily these days. Is it possible to be funny without hurting anyone at all?

I don’t think that’s possible. Even if you are censoring your content, you’ll still end up hurting someone. And not just comedy but this is the case with everything on social media, like a few days back some actress posted her pictures from her magazine-shoot days after losing her father and she got trolled badly for this. I mean, it’s her father, her life who are we to say anything?

Would you say we Indians by and large lack a sense of humour?

Haha I don’t think so. I believe people in India take offence on jokes because may be that joke doesn’t suit their narrative but they will laugh at a joke by that same person if it’s in their favour.

Your rise as a prominent comic talent has been swift. How do you see your journey as a satirist so far?

What can I  say? My journey has been great so far. I always read Harishankar Parsai’s novels and stories to understand what satire actually means and anything that I learn from his writings I always try to incorporate that in my work.

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