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10 Facts About Rajamouli & Baahubali



Rajamouli & Baahubali

10 Facts About  S.S. Rajamouli & Baahubali

When Mahendra, the son of Bāhubali, learns about his heritage, he begins to look for answers. His story is juxtaposed with past events that unfolded in the Mahishmati Kingdom.

10 Facts About  S.S. Rajamouli & Baahubali

Son of writer K V  Vijayendra Prasad who has written Bajrangi Bhaijaan S S Rajamouli is arguably the most successful filmmaker of the South  with a string of Telugu blockbusters to his credit including mega-hit Vikramarkurdu remade as Rowdy Rathod in Hindi. Producer Sanjay Bhansali wanted Rajamouli to direct Rowdy RathodRajamouli declined due to his work in Telugu cinema.

Baahubali has recorded the highest ever advance booking collections in Hyderabad. Baahubali  was  actually going to be a Hindi-Telugu film . It’s a universal story, not star-centric film. Finally it was shot in Telugu and Tamil and dubbed in Hindi.

Baahubali had  to star  the Telugu star PrabhasRajamouli was committed to make the next film with him.

Rajamouli’s  fascination with the theme of reincarnation  started with Rakesh Roshan’s Karan Arjun. Said Rajamouli, “I remember watching that film. For the first time I openly laughed and wept during a film. Earlier I was very reserved about my emotions. Karan Arjun opened up my emotions.”

Baahubali  is a period film. But not a historical. It’s a folk story. And no, it’s not about reincarnation.Rajamouli is  done with reincarnation after Magadheera and Eega.

Rajamouli is  very happy and proud to be known as a Telugu filmmaker. “I am glad to know my films make a pan-India impact. I see no linguistic impediment. But to make a film in Hindi would be an advantage.

The refrain Chin ta ta chi ta ta in Rowdy Rathore was lifted from Vikramarkurdu and used into Rowdy RathoreActually it was not  an original tune in Vikramarkurdu either either. Says Rajamouli, “My music composer M M Kreem didn’t compose it. It’s like… how do I put it? A folk tune in Tamil Nadu. It’s a kind of anthem refrain among students in the State. Youngsters compose their own crude protest songs and then cap it with Chinta ta ta. It has existed in Tamil Nadu for generations. I made it a part of Ravi Tejaa’s character and then it was given to Akshay Kumar.”

Rajamouli’s favourite source of inspiration?  “Amar Chitra Katha…Those comics, even today transport me into those times. I have endless fantasies revolving around those stories set in the past. My  excitement with that genre translates into my films.”

Prabhas  the leading man of Baahubali spent two years of his life working on this one film. Says Rajamouli, “We worked before on Chathrapathi and we clicked very well both on creative and personal front. i needed a giant of a man with royalty personified, but with a tender heart to play Baahubali.At the start I told him i’ll need one year of his dates exclusively. He smiled and said i’ll be needing 2 years and kept himself free for the whole period. I don’t think i could have done this with anyone else.”

Rajamouli’s favourite Bollywood director is Raj Kumar Hirani and his favourite Bollywood actor is Aamir Khan.

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