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Unknown Facts

10 Unknown Facts About Prabhudheva




  1. Those lightening moves that gallop along the grooves are self-made. The only teacher Prabhuhas ever known is his father choreographer Mugur Sunder who taught Prabhu Bharat Natyam.
  2. The mother-son relationship between PrachiShah and Varun  Dhawan in ABCD2 is based on Prabhu’s rapport with his father.
  3. Shot to fame as a choreographer, then as an actor and now as a filmmaker in Tamil and then in Hindi.Prabhu’s idols are  Michael Jackson and Rajnikanth. He loves massymovies as much as streetwise dance moves.Hates pretentious art.
  4. Shy to the point of being non-communicative, Prabhudhevadoesn’t talk. He mumbles.And that too only when spoken to.
  5. Loves the simple things of  life. Hates to eat. To call Prabhua frugal eater would be an understatement.Prabhu doesn’t eat. He nibbles on food.
  6. The biggest setback and the tragedy that changed Prabhu’s life was the death  of his eldest son . It changedPrabhu’s perspective on life.And destroyed his marriage.
  7. Only scandal in his life was the alleged affair with Tamil actress Nayantharawhich rocked Chennai and ended when her career began to get effected by the relationship.
  8. Nayantharaapart, Prabhu has been in no relationship after the separation from his wife. Lives as frugally inMumbai as a monk.And no Ferrari.
  9. Only friend in Mumbaiis Boney Kapoor. Prabhu doesn’t go out to parties, doesn’t socialize.Goes to sleep early when not working. Friends call him the male Rekha.
  10. Until the end Prabhudidn’t know what his role in ABCD2 was. He simply followed director-choreographerRemo d’Souza’s instructions.
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