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20 Years Of Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai



20 Years  Of  Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai, Subhash K Jha  Looks  Back

20 Years  Of  Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai, Subhash K Jha  Looks  Back

Director: Goldie Behl
Writers: Tigmanshu Dhulia, Goldie Behl
 Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukerji, Sushmita Sen
 Plot: Suraj dreams of following in his idol’s footsteps, but as he moves to Mumbai to follow his dream, he discovers that following your dreams may have a cost.
  1. Director Goldie Behl and Abhishek Bachchan were  family friends  in  the true  sense   of  the  term. The  Bachchan patriarch was close  to  Goldie’s father filmmaker Ramesh Behl Behl Sr and  Bachchan Sr  together made  movies like Kasme  Vade and PukarRamesh Behl also produced   the superhit Jawani Diwani  with Jaya  Bachchan in  the lead. So it  was natural that  Abhishek  play the  lead in Ramesh Behl’s son Goldie’s directorial debut.
  2. Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai(BISKH)   though not without merit,  flopped . I warned Abhishek against doing films with friends. Here’s what he had said:  “It’s okay. These , Goldie, Rohan  Sippy(son of Ramesh  Sippy),  Gurudev Bhalla  are guys I grew  up with. Goldie  and I  working together is  natural. I will  work with him as long as he wants.” Abhishek  rationalized his personal choices  overlapping with his professionalism. Abhishek did  another film the super-hero saga Drona  with Goldie Behl  7 years later. It was an even bigger disaster than BISKH.
  3. BISKH  was  the  story  a  boy from Varanasi  named Suraj and his corruption in and by the  city.   It  was  the first  of many films that Rani Mukerjee and Abhishek did together. Rani played  Pooja who epitomized  innocence and  unconditional love.The two, Abhishek and  Rani  became  very close friends and there  were rumours of  a relationship between them.I am not saying anything.  But  after his  breakup with Karisma  Kapoor, the  only  woman Abhishek was  serious about was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Not that he was  a saint  in the interim.
  4. It was  the other other  heroine in  BISKH  the gorgeous Sushmita Sen ,playing the worldly-wise Lara, who grabbed all the headlines  without even trying to. At that  time I was  a very close friend  of both Abhishek and Sushmita and hoped they  would become  a real-life  couple. Instead  Abhishek made Sushmita his  ‘Didi’ and she  was  fine with it. When  he  married  Aishwarya,  ‘Didi’ was thrilled.  “I’m so, so happy for my brother Abhishek, and Ash who has been a colleague and a friend for many years. We’ve virtually grown up together in the industry. Today, when she’s finally taking the plunge, I feel she deserves to be happy. She’s a wonderful person.It was while we were shooting Goldie Behl’s Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai that Abhishek adopted me as his sister… Or shall I say, I adopted him as my brother. He was very awkward about shooting with me in any other capacity, so I quickly suggested he make me his sister. Since then, he has called me Didi. And I love that. Today, when my brother is engaged and ready to take the plunge, I feel six feet tall. He’s a lovely guy and deserves happiness.” This was  Sushmita’s reaction   when her “brother”  was engaged to her beauty-pageant  rival  Aishwarya.
  5. Jackie  Shroff played the  arch villain  in BISKH . His character Naved Ali  a  media baron who  dreams  of  becoming the   prime minister  preempted a certain television journalist of this millennium whose power and  arrogance spread  fast. Says Abhishek, “I had to hero-worship Jackie Uncle.  That was easy to do. He  is  intrinsically  magnetic.”
  6. BISKH  was  not a bad  film. It  was  way too ambitious  for its own  good.  Recalls Abhishek, “When  I  look back  on it I feel proud  of  it, and my association with Goldie  and his  sister Sristi. They are  family. BISKH  may not have worked  . But that didn’t deter us from teaming up again for Drona where Ma (Jaya Bachchan) played  my mom.Flop or not, I  am  proud  of  BISKH and  Drona.”
  7. During the  shooting of BISKH  Abhishek  got  into a  spat with a  press photographer. The Delhi police arrested two  members  of the  film’s team. Recalling the incident Abhishek had said, “In my heart, I knew I had done nothing wrong, so why was I dragged into the ugly incident? Ironically, when we went back to Delhi two months later, the same gentleman from the press who accused me of roughing him up, was our PRO for Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai. He even apologized for the incident.”Calm and non-judgmental, Abhishek says he’s in the film industry to act, not react to controversies and rumours. To anyone who asks me which side of the bed I sleep on, my answer is: none of your business!”

Full Cast of the Movie:

• Abhishek Bachchan… Surajchand “Suraj” Shrivastav
• Sushmita Sen …Lara Oberoi
• Rani Mukharjee … Pooja
• Jackie Shroff … Naved Ali
• Gulshan Grover … Sardar Sweety Singh
• Jennifer Kotwal…Suraj’s sister
• Anang Desai … Chandan Shrivastav (Suraj’s dad)
• Smita Jaykar … Mrs. Gayetri Shrivastav (Suraj’s mom)
• Himani Shivpuri … Gayetri’s sister-in-law
• Sharat Saxena … Balkishan Deshpande
• Suchitra Pillai-Malik… Reporter (as Suchitra Pillai)
Directed by Goldie Behl
Produced by Madhu Ramesh Behl
Written by Tigmanshu Dhulia (dialogues)
Screenplay by Goldie Behl,
Shrishti Arya,
Manu Chopra
Starring Abhishek Bachchan
Rani Mukerji
Sushmita Sen
Jackie Shroff
Music by Aadesh Shrivastav
Cinematography Sameer Arya
Edited by Sanjay Sankla
Rose Movies
Distributed by Eros Entertainment
Release date
6 July 2001
Running time
169 mins
Country India
Language Hindi
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