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5 Most Romantic Songs Of Kishore Kumar



The best part of being Kishore Kumar was you could be anything you wanted to be. Clown or Majnu. KK had many personalities. But many believe he serenaded the ladies through his  voice better than any other iconic playback singer. Here are the 5 most enduring romantic songs  of the  inimitable Mr Kumar.

1.     Dil kya kare jab kissise kissi ko pyar ho jaye(Julie): There were  better songs in Rajesh Roshan’s sophomore score, but none as acutely romantic as this  scenestealer  suffused with a  moody grace. Rajesh Roshan  says he  didn’t have  to make any effort to  get Kishoreda in the  mood. “He  just owned the the wonderful love lyrics  of Anand Bakshi. His  word sense was  amazing. He  knew exactly which word to stress and which  to let go.” The  line  Na kuch tere bass mein Julie  na kuch mere bass mein is so seductive it made the actress Laxmi weak in her  knees on screen. Women have never stopped swooning since.The  song was lip-synced  by Vikram in the film. The song far outlived  his career.

2.     Chalte chalte mere  yeh geet yaad rakhna(Chalte Chalte): Among the 500-plus Hindi film songs that Bappida has composed this is  his favourite. Ask him why. “Mama—that’s what I called Kishoreda—outdid himself in this composition. Main to kahunga ke agar mera contribution 20  percent  ttha toh Mama ka contribution  80 percent ttha.” Bappida modestly admits this  is  the most requested romantic song from  his repertoire.  “The  young and the old love it. Chalte chalte is  the favourite Valentine song,” says Bappi. We won’t dispute that.

3.     Phoolon ke rang se  dil ki kalam se tujhko likhi roz paati(Prem  Pujari): Dev Anand sang some  of  the  most romantic  songs on screen. But this was his favourite. And he told me  why. “It  was  not just Burman Dada’s composition. That of course was extraordinary,  But Neeraj’s lyrics were something else.  I don’t think romance can get any more poetic than  Phoolon ke rang se.” We agree with you, Dev Saab. As for Kishoreda’s singing, he sang as though his life depended  on the  impact these infinitely poetic words would have  on the beloved. Toooooo romantic.

4.     Jeevan se bhari teri aankhen majboor karen jeene ke liye(Safar):  Normally  it  was  Rajesh Khanna and  R D Burman. This time it was Kalyanji-Anandji.And  boy, did they jell! Long  ago I  had asked the late Kalyanji specially about this the most romantic song of K-A’s career. He said,  “It  was the words. Indeevar ke  bol itne achche hain,  tune toh achcha  hona hi hai.” Right, Kalyanji Bhai and  more  power to the poet’s  pen and pain.

5.     Pal Pal  dil ke paas tum rehti ho(Blackmail):  How can a film called  Blackmail feature  one  of the most romantic  songs  of  Hindi cinema? If  a filmy gana buff is asked to name his most favourite song chances are he would come  up with this Rajinder Kishen love letter  sung on screen by Dharmendra to Raakhee  Gulzar.  Says Dharmendra, “Saamne mein itni khubsoorat haseena ho toh gaana  bhi itna hi khubsoorat hona chahiye.”  The stunning Raakhee says,  “That glow which everyone sees  on my face in the song is the  glow of  pregnancy. I  was carrying Boski(daughter Meghna Gulzar) when we shot the song. I always  thought Kishoreda was  most suited for romantic  songs .He excelled in Pal pal dil ke paas. Kalyanji-Ananadji’s composition  was  amazing.” We cannot dare to  dispute that.

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