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5 Outstanding Performances Of 2020 By Female Actors



1.     Mita Vashist in  Your Honor: In this gripping web series abut a seemingly incorruptible  judge  who puts  his reputation  at stake when his  son commits  a crime,  Mita Vashisht’s sly cop act   furnishes a vinegary  flavour  to her  strong  stubborn  character. Vashisht plays the  cop KironSekhon (any  resemblance  to Bedi  was certainly  not coincidental) as a  mixture of  attentive  and disdainful . I just couldn’t take  my eyes of her stolen steely scornful  glances at  the guilty-as-sin  Judge. Every time  Jimmy Sheirgill  and  MitaVashisht are on screen together,  you want to  see just where their  conversation is going. The words they speak seductively encircle their cat-and-mouse game in this  energetic engrossing and altogether  gripping  tale of empowerment privilege and their misuse.A tremendous  performance  .

2.     Swastika Mukherjee in  Pataal Lok: Playing the  neglected wife of a media baron, this very accomplished actress  infused  a startling stillness signifying a supreme  sadness  into her  part. The  cheated betrayed disillusioned  wife  is  clinically  depressed . But she  never wallows in  self-pity and  rises above  her own grief  to seek and seize the happiness that she deserves. What a  lovely character  played with such delicacy, and such a  glaring contrast to the other disgruntled wife Swastika played  in  the crude Black Widows.

3.     Kirti Kulhari in  Criminal  Justice 2: As a woman on the  verge  of  collapse, Kirti  plays a  completely contrasting character to Four More Shots Please.  In the  gripping Criminal Justice Season 2 which came  at  the  end of the  year Kirti  was a bundle of breathless anxieties. She  made us  care , even as she gave us a big scare  in  a world that  is far from  fair.The thing about Kirtishe  has a deep understanding  of  the  wages  of betrayal and deception, and she mirrors these disappointments in  her  performance with tremendous force.

4.     Geetika Vidya Ohlyan  in  Unpaused: Playing a Rajasthani migrant  in the story  Vishaanu  in  the Unpaused  anthology  Geetika whom we all remember for her sterling  performance in Netflix’s Soni,  endows  such a high level of credibility to her  character that I  wanted to see  more  of her. Maybe a whole film instead  of  a half-hour segment?  Geetika  in a sequence where she makes  all the right noises  about Mumbai in exchange of food and masks,is  a class act,as too when her face  crumbles on realizing that the temporary luxury  abode where  she  , her husband son are  hidden, must come  to an end.This is  an actress who needs  just one  shot to nail her character.

5.     Kriti Kharbanda in Taish:  Films about gangsters, guns and internecine vendetta seldom   have  space for well-written  female  characters.  Here  in  this dark meditation on machismo, Kritiheld her own  as the self-willed Pakistani live-in  girlfriend of  Jim Sarbh. When she is  challenged taunted and  insulted  by her boyfriend’s father at a wedding  dinner, Kriti gives it back to him  politely.Devoted to her man to the  extent  of selfruination,  she  brought dignity to her character’s self-effacing  love. You can be  a slave  for  love,without being a  walkover.Kriti’s  performance  proved it.

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