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5 Reasons Why Pati Patni Aur Woh Is A Winner



1.     Because everyone loved  the naughty philandering husband which  the late(and great)Sanjeev  Kumar  played in the original Pati Patni Aur Woh(PPAW) in 1978.  Sanjeev was such  a chameleon he could make the  husband look  like an innocent victim even while he brazenly cheated on   his wife.

2.     Because  the cheating husband is now  played  by Kartik Aryan who  has in the last one  year grown two things: a stubble  and  a fan-base.Don’t know about the  stubble,  but everyone  from age 3  to  83  likes Kartik. I really don’t  know  anyone  who doesn’t have a soft corner  for  Kartik though some of his older women fans who would love to feed him,crub   he  is too scrawny. But  lean is  cool. Right?

3.     Kartik, has already delivered  a  hit this year  with Lukka Chuppi and  his co-star Bhumi  Pednekar had a   success  earlier this  year  with Saand Ki Aankh .As  for  the  ‘Woh’ Ananya Pandey is  the star  without a hit, thanks to the dynamics of  the  digital  era.Director Mudassar  Aziz, this talented  scenographer is the master  of soufflé satires. He  delivers stinging hometruths  without launching into sermons.

4.     Because 2019 is  the year  of  refined  intelligent sex comedies:  Bala and De  De  PyarDe were mischievous  and  sexy without getting vulgar. PPAW  will  complete the hat trick.

5.     Because the  first Pati Patni Aur Woh was  superhit. It remains  to  this day one of   the prolific B R Chopra’s  most successful films ever. While Chopra’s big-budget films like Waqt and Nikaah were blockbusters  for their lavishness , Pati Patni Aur Woh spent  a meager  amount on the actors and production values.The  new  PPAW  has spent a  lot more on production.  But   every  husband who has ever  thought of  cheating on his  wife and every wife who has ever suspect her  husband  of cheating on her, wants to watch what happens to  Kartik’s mustachioed middleclass Kanpuri  cheating avatar  .

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