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Arjun Reddy Director Sandeep Vanga Boycotted by Bollywood?



When  Arjun Reddy  director Sandeep Vanga  decided to tweet  against the heinous Hyderabad rape and murder , he probably thought all the allegations  of  misogyny leveled at him after ArjunReddy would magically  wash away.

However the opposite happened. Vanga was  trolled savagely for speaking of women’s safety after making the world  unsafe for women in Arjun Reddy and  its  Bollywood  twin Kabir Singh.

Director Vikramaditya Motwane questioned Vanga on his slap-happy heroin Arjun Reddy.

In fact, we don’t know  if Vanga  knows this,but  many top actors are  shying away from  working  with  Vanga in his next project entitled Devil. Mahesh Babu  said  no to it. Then Vanga took Devilto  Bollywood where  Ranbir Kapoor showed  a keen interest. But  after the initial enthusiasm Ranbir has  stayed away from Vanga and is unlikely to greenlight the  project.

We hear  even Vijay Deverakonda  who  played Arjun Reddy is  not keen on working with Vanga.

It looks like it would be a while before the  director can  live down his  reputation of a misogynist   filmmaker.

 Defending  the violence shown between  the  lovers in Arjun Reddy, director Sandeep Vanga in an interview to Subhash K Jha  had said,  “I  never said  one “needs” to slap . All I meant was , one needs  to be fully honest in a committed relationship.And that honesty  can take  on a violent form. And why is only  Kabir slapping his girlfriend  Preeti  being  talked about? What about the fact that she too slaps him back? It works both ways .How they express  their love is  their choice. Why are some people  judging them? And judging me for the way the characters behaviour? My point is, in a true relationship  the emotions can get raw and  violent.”

So  would Vanga resort to violence  with his  own  partner? “I would  do anything and everything with  my partner to make sure I am  my real self. I would drop all  defences,  pull down all my guards. For me the  essence of a strong  relationship is  honesty.I wouldn’t  say I’d slap my partner.Even in the film… how do I explain  to the  idiots  that , ‘Preeti ne pehle mari hai,phir Kabir ne maara’.It’s pointless  to harp on the  slap.”

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