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Aamir Khan’s secret dialoguebaazi in Secret Superstar!



We know Aamir Khan to be a man of many talents who has donned many hats – actor, producer, director, singer and now we have heard that he has also given a dialogue in his next production Secret Superstar directed by his ex-manager Advait Chandan. The director has incorporated one of Aamir’s dialogues in the film. While watching the trailer of SS we noticed there was a line when music director Shakti Kumar (Aamir Khan) tells a despondent Zaira Wasim that true talent like hers is like the bubbles in soda – they will rise up to the top no matter what.

When we quizzed Advait about it, he says, “We were shooting once when parents (Aamir’s fans), came with their child to us and told Aamir that he doesn’t listen to them, doesn’t study etc and could he ask him to say something that would make him listen? Aamir said what can I tell him? He’s your son. He added that you should know that talented children come up no matter what, one after the other, like the bubbles in this Diet Coke. I immediately grabbed at it because it was a great dialogue and could use later in a film which I have done now. This is Aamir sir’s line and what he tells a lot of people who come to meet him. It is not music director Shakti Kumar’s line but Aamir sir’s line jo humne unse chori kar li hai.

Aamir and Kiran who have produced Secret Superstar also spoke about other topics at a press con today:

On making films with a heart and yet extremely successful…

Aamir: I have always made films that I believe in and touch my heart. As a production house in the 17 years that we launched as a production house we have done eight films. We want to make films that we believe in – where our heart is.

On playing music director Shakti Kumar in Secret Superstar…

Aamir: When I heard the story from Advait I loved it then one day Advait said, why don’t you do Shakti Kumar’s role? I told him that I am not able to perceive myself in this role. Kiran and others also felt the same as me so I told Advait I would like to do a screen test first and if I looked fine then I would do the role. While doing the screen I started enjoying myself and decided to go ahead. For me Shakti Kumar is a very unusual character the kind of person he is. For me as an actor it was definitely a challenge to play a character like this and for people to believe that he is like this.

Advait: Can you believe that for my first film I took Aamir Khan’s screen test?

Kiran: I was among those who told him that it was better that he didn’t do this role aur yeh aapse nahi hoga. Aap please mat kariye, bahut ajeeb lagta hai. You have done Dangal where you played a father and now if you do this peculiar role how will it look? It’s a kind of a creepy character, the kind of guy you really don’t want to hang out with alone in a room. But when we all saw the screen test we laughed so much that even I was convinced that Aamir can be this strange, creepy person also. He did it so well ki humko man na pada. But he wasn’t the original fit. We wanted someone whom we would look at and just say, ‘He’s perfect.’

Aamir: Let’s not take any names now!

On Kiran as an actress and singer…

Aamir: I have told her she should act now. While casting for Yasmeen in Dhobi Ghat Kiran would read the character so beautifully and I got tired of asking her to do the role but she didn’t agree. She told me that she only wanted to direct. I tried to explain that while she can direct the film, this was one role that she could do it as she could enact the scene alone in front of the camera. You are only directing yourself in the scene. Lekin nahi maani who though the girl who played Yasmeen finally also did it very well. I have been telling her since then to act but she doesn’t listen. It’s with great difficulty that I persuaded her to sing a song for our Paani Foundation. Kiran sings and acts so well but she doesn’t listen to me when I ask her.

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