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Vir Das  Is Starring & Directing ,Imran & I  Are  Making Cameo Appearances, ”  Aamir  Khan Clarifies  On The Reports  Of Imran  Making A  Comeback



Vir Das

There  is  no one quite like  Aamir Khan. Anything he does makes  news even without any effort on his  part.For the last few days we have been  reading reports that  Aamir Khan, who had launched his  nephew Imran  Khan in Jaane Tu  …Ya Jaane Na , will be relaunching the exiled  actor in a film called Happy Patel.

Let  me  tell you straightaway that Imran is not being re-launched  by Aamir in  Happy Patel.

Standup comedian Vir Das will be playing the lead and co-directing the  quirky comedy.

 How  do I know?I asked Aamir directly  and this is  what he replied, “Hi Subhash, Vir Das is the lead in Happy Patel, not Imran. Imran in  doing  a two-day cameo in Happy Patel, like  a number of us, me included.”

So  Aamir is  doing a cameo in Happy Patel.This will be his first onscreen appearance since the ill-fated  but ineradicable Laal Singh  Chaddha. Aamir’s  exiled nephew Imran  too would have cameo in Happy Patel. However Iman  is not yet ready for a full-fledged  comeback.

And who is directing  Happy Patel?Over to Aamir: “Vir Das himself along with Kavi(Shastri). Both are directing as  a team.”

Interestingly  Aamir had launched  Vir Das as a leading man in the Imran Khan starrer Delhi Belly in 2011 which  Abhinay Deo  had directed.

Hope this puts an end  to all the half-baked speculation that is going on about Happy Patel.

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