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Abhimanyu Dassani :  “I’ve been sleeping and eating alot. And hey, I earned it!”



The  Mard Ko  Dard Nahin Hota actor is  making the best  of  the lockdown.

“I’ve been working non-stop for 6 months more or less away from home, for me it’s a good change to rest and wind down a little and think about the  future avenues I could create for myself. I’ve been at it for the past six months maintaining a   good  physical shape  shooting non-stop 15-17 hours. So yes,  I’m sleeping and eating a lot. And hey,  I earned it!”

At the beginning  of  the lockdown  Abhimanyu  spent a lot of time  resting . “My first goal was to catch up on sleep and regulate my sleep timings which makes me fresh and productive, catching up on all the missed movies and shows. Started reading a book after a long time. Focusing on home workouts to get over old injuries and spending quality time with my grandparents. I’m also taking up a new skill to try and get the basics through.”

This has  also been  a good time for  Abhimanyu  to  introspect. “ Meditation has been definitely one of the things I’ve  been wanting to try since Mard  Ko Dard  Nahin Hota. I also introspect on how to better myself than I was yesterday. And just relax without feeling guilty is very important. I’m also spending time cooking well because food is my first love. I’ve been posting home workouts for all my followers beginners and even regulars. I hope they’ve been following it”

Abhimanyu is also looking at  future projects.  “I’ve read a couple of scripts in the past ten days . I am  also breaking down the character for my next movie and how I can capture most of the essence of this new being.”

Abhimanyu  says the trick of getting through  the  lockdown is   to  not fight it. “Accept it! Enjoy it! Stay safe. We need to slow down sometimes in life and this is the best time we take a break from the rat race and not feel guilty about it. Breathe the fresh  air,  we’re gonna get through this.”


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