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Aditya Narayan, “My Shashtaang Pranaam To All Who Are Trolling Me



Indian  Idol host Aditya Narayan has been receiving a  lot  of flak for  taking a  dig at singer Amit  Kumar for criticizing the contestants on the show. Aditya says he is  unfazed by the  criticism. “To all those who  are  trolling and  lashing out at me  I say, Shashtaang Pranaam to all and  God bless you. I feel like that cheetah who wouldn’t  move to  prove he’s the fastest in  a dog race. Sometimes  trying to prove your point is  an insult to your own  intelligence and  experience .This is how I feel while defending arguably  the  best  collection of contestants on  a reality show. Indian  Idol  is the no.1 reality show  for 26 weeks  running. Do I need to defend  it? ”However  Aditya is glad the contestants are learning to deal with flak at such a  young age. “Accha hai. They are getting to know the harsh reality  of  the world outside the reality show. As their fans grow, so will the  critics. It is inevitable. ”Aditya who is  stationed in Daman nowadays shooting for Indian Idol is in Mumbai for break. He  says he likes being in Daman. “I get to ride  my Harley Davidson on the near-empty roads.”
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