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Aditya Narayan: “The Marriage Gimmick Went Too Far”



Singer  , teevee  host Aditya Narayan  has finally come out  to call the  marriage  rumours  a hoax.

Over the last one week stories were  circulated that  Aditya who hosts  the music reality show Indian Idol  was  all set to marry singer Neha  Kakkad who serves as a judge on  the show.

 Upset  by the  rumours Aditya’s  father  famed singer Udit Narayan told me it was all a gimmick to boost TRPs.

“And  a gimmick in bad taste,” Aditya now concedes , having kept mum right until  Valentine’s Day when the  supposed  marriage  was  to happen. “I do my work and mind my  business.When the Channel  told me about this gimmick,I told then to make sure it doesn’t go too far. But it did. I soon started  getting calls  and messages, asking about my supposed marriage  with  Neha. It became very embarrassing  to both of us.”

But why didn’t Aditya  stop such a  cheap gimmick from being  implemented  in  the  first place?

He replies, “It  wasn’t in my hands. By the time I became aware  of how far this gimmick had gone it  was too late.It  was very embarrassing to be  asked  about  my marriage  to Neha  Kakkad when there is  no such relationship  between us. She is  a dear friend, but that’s it.And please tell me , if and when I have  to get married would I do it on  a reality show?”

So is  there someone that Aditya  actually wants  to marry?

He replies,  “Well, I’m of  the marriageable age. That’s all I will say. When I never  suggested there was anything between  Neha Kakkad and I, a section of the media, without asking went  ballistic. Imagine what would happen if I admitted to  actually seeing someone.”

Aditya says he wants to avoid this kind of  attention. “I want to focus on  my work. I  don’t want attention for such ridiculous things.”

 Composer-singer Vishal Dadlani who , like Neha Kakkad, is  a judge on India  Idol and who was  part of  Aditya-Neha wedding  publicity gimmick states, “I don’t write the show . Nor am I its creative  director.”

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