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Sanjay Dutt In Hand-To-Hand Combat With Kannada Superstar Yash



Get ready for  the face-off the year.

Kannada superstar  Yash and  Sanjay Dutt will have a  hand-to-hand combat at  the climax  of the  film. Dutt plays  the  archvillain in   the second instalment  of  Yash’s franchise film KGF.

The combat, to be  choreographed by  an interntionally recognized  action director, will occupy a  large  chunk  of  the climax and would feature  both the stars  bare-chested and fighting-fit.

A  source  in the know informs,  “Both Yash and  Sanjay Dutt  are  getting ready to take  off their shirts. And to ensure  they look their trimmest,  both Yash and  Dutt are going  easy on the goodies that their wives serve  at  the dining table.”

Both  Dutt and Yash have been off shooting for  a while now, spending time with their respective  families.  Yash became father of a son in October 2029  and has  taken time off  from the shooting of  KGF 2.

 It’s time now to get back  to the  shooting. The  hand-to-hand combat is to be shot later this year.

Says  an informed  source, “There’s time  yet. Both  the  stars need  to get into better  shape.”

The face-off is expected  to  be  “longer, bloodier, more ferocious” than the one in Dabanggbetween Salman  Khan and  Sonu Sood .

We  can hardly wait to see which way  this goes.

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