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Aditya Narayan: “Time To Work On My Childhood Dream”



Aditya Narayan

Indian Idol’s popular  host  singer Aditya Narayan  always dreamt  of  winning a Grammy  for  India. That’s what he  will work on now.

Says  Aditya,  “I am  quitting hosting music reality shows. Since 2015 I have been hosting non-stop. Also by the grace of God, one season that I am a part of is equivalent to 2-3 seasons if someone else were  to host. Since 2015  I’ve hosted 4 seasons of SaReGaMaPa ,that’s  170 episodes. 2 seasons of Indian Idol amounting to  120 episodes .1 season of Khatra Khatra Khatra a total of  110 episodes .That’s a grand  total   of  400 episodes. Other shows that I’ve  hosted are Khatron Ke Khiladi,Rising Star,Entertainment Ki Raat ,Kitchen Champion ,Zee Comedy Show . Coming  up with  me as  host are    another season of SaReGaMaPa,another season of Indian Idol ,and  another kids’ singing show.”

 Says Aditya , “Now  I’m done  with hosting  shows. It’s  time to move  on  to something  much  bigger  in my life.  I wish to produce content now….Music albums as well as content for OTT & TV.  It’s the right time. My heart is sure that this is what  I want  to do.It’s  also time to work on my  childhood dream of winning a Grammy for India. All eyes are on India. It’s our time to shine globally. We just need to put our heads down and put in the hard work.”

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Aditya  senses  the decline in  popular  musical  standards  in India  and  wants  to rectify the  imbalance.  “Just because a wave is going a particular way and it’s is working for a few people doesn’t mean we all follow suit.There are followers and then there are visionaries I’d like to think of myself as the latter.”