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Adivi Sesh Is Better, Says Mom



Adivi Sesh

Telugu star-actor Adivi Sesh, known for his star turn in films like Kshanam, Godachari and Evaru was hospitalized last week for Dengue fever.

He is now on the way to recover. But far from being discharged from hospital, as reported in a section of the press.

I spoke to Adivi’s mother who replied, “Sesh is recovering well. He is currently in the hospital. He is doing okay. Platelets are very low. But the fever is subsiding. He is feeling very weak. But yes he’s on the way to recovery.”

Adivi Shesh has always been very health conscious. In an interview during the lockdown he said, “It is important for you to understand that this is unprecedented in our lifetime. Too many people still think of it as something “someone somewhere” is getting. Guys, stay in, be hygienic and please be vigilant specially about the young and the elderly. Monitor them but keep your distance. You never know, you could be a carrier and your body is fighting it just fine. Their bodies can’t. Take this opportunity to do personal things you never would’ve done. We are all guilty of saying “If only, I had the time” Well…guess what ! Oh, and cut the boredom eating. Don’t eat because you’re bored. Did that as a kid and it… Just NO!! Don’t do it.”

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