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Adivi Sesh “This Is The Best Response I’ve Ever Had To Any Of My Work”



Adivi Sesh

The teaser of Major, Telugu star Adivi Sesh bio-pic  treatment  of  the  life  and courage  of Indian soldier  Sandeep Unni Krishnan who lost his  life battling terrorists  during  the 26/11 siege  of  the  Taj hotel in Mumbai, is out. 

And Adivi has never received a better response to his work. “It’s the best response that I’ve ever had in my career. Do I feel  anxious about  the  audiences’ response to the  film?I feel that  anxiety in the sense of making sure this is a good film. But not in any other way. I guess I put enough pressure on myself generally!”

 So when  does  the  film release? 

Says  Adivi, “Oh there’s  tremendous  uncertainty due to the COVID situation, especially for the Hindi version since  audiences in the  South seem  more open to  going to movie theatres  in spite  of  the pandemic .We are  more sure to get  the audience to come  for  the Tamil and Telugu versions.However  we have to make sure the time is right for the film to release properly in all three languages.”

Going by the response  to Adivi’s soldierly act  in Major, it  seems this work of valorous  validation  will be  a game-changer in his career.

 Adivi shrugs, “I don’t know if I have ever planned career moves as this level or next level. I just try to do the best I can. I feel that all the more here because I’m part of a film inspired by the life of a real man.”

 Adivi feels this  to  be  the  most important  film of his career  so far. “And that is part of the happiness that I feel for the way  people  have reacted  to the teaser. The ability to be able to tell a beautiful and true story on such a grand canvas empowers  me as an actor.This is a good feeling for Ugadi, the Telugu new year .”

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