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After The Wedding, The ‘Grand’ Reception ?



The  Varun –Natasha shaadi has left a lot  of people in the industry very unhappy. A  senior actor, a superstar in  his  own right, known  to be  extremely vocal on   every subject told this writer, “Yeh toh wahi  Bachchan waliwedding  ki baat ho gayi. Remember  the so-called selected guest list for  the Abhishek-Aishwarya  wedding and how much heartburn it caused among those who were not invited? The Dhawans  should have waited  a bit more until the Covid  was over. Aise logon ka  dil dukhakeshaadi nahin karte(weddings don’t take place  after  hurting so many people).”

 This  senior actor  also added that he would never dream of getting his daughter married in such a  way.  “When my  daughter is  married everyone will be invited.Either call all or  don’t call anyone, like Anushka Sharma  and Virat Kohli. You can’t be selective at  your child’s wedding.”

One hears  of a grand  wedding reception to follow  after the  Varun-Natasah wedding on 24 January. But how grand can  the reception be , given Covid restrictions?

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