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Ahead Of Thar, Its Potential USPs



  1. Thar is set in  a remote  village of Rajasthan where  men are being brutally tortured and killed. It’s  a  pounding ultra-violent thriller, with cinematographer  Shreya  Dev Dubey shooting the deserts with ruthless unsentimentality,   stripping them of all romance. Dubey is  the real hero of Thar.
  2. The father-son pair Anil Kapoor and  Harshvarrdhan Kapoor are not cast as father and son.Yipee. That’s the  good part of  the script. They are on the opposite sides  of  the firing line  like Amitabh and Abhishek  Bachchan in Bunty Aur Babli. That’s  the part to worry  about.
  3. Anil Kapoor closer to his own age than ever before. He playing an aging cop,  sports  grey hair(dyed on to  dyed  jetblack hair) and uses reading glasses and suffers his  wife(the monstrously  underused Nivedita Bhattacharya)’s taunts .I hope he use those reading glasses to read the  fineprint in his contract which clearly states he cannot  go back to playing 40-year old overgrown brats.
  4. Watch out for the supporting cast specially Fatima Sana Shaikh playing an abused wife, Jitendra Joshi playing her abusive husband,  and  Mukti Mohan playing  an over-sexed  local woman. These characters add a tangy flavor to the grim  glum sweltering environment of mounting tension.
  5. Harshvarrdhan Kapoor’s character  is sullen from first to last, and with reason.He plays  a  tormented tortured battered soul  who knows that no  amount  of  revenge can bring him back what he has lost. Ironically  the theme of the futility of violence is  embedded in a mood  of seething excruciating  violence. Thar is  one of  the most brutal  films in  recent  times.
  6. The  film borrows the style of the spaghetti western , with unbathed macho men trotting into camera range  in horses  and jeeps, and  galloping into the horizon after having meted  what they think to be justice.You (John) Wayne  some, you lose some.
  7. Luckily, Thar goes directly to the  OTT platform. If it had to gone to the  theatres  via the censorboard  it would have been mauled and mutilated, much like Harshvarrdhan’s victims are  in the  film.And even after the  violent journey it would have got no audience in theatres.
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