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Akshay Kumar’s 120-Crore Fee Story Is A Hoax



To  all those  out there who  consider the  written word  to be  sacrosanct.  Next  time you read about star-fees,  just laugh it off.  Chances are, the  numbers being quoted are  completely fake.

The  latest  in a long line of  hefty  hoax salaries is the Rs 120  crores which Akshay Kumar is  said to  be charging  for his  presence  in Aanand Rai’s next directorial.

The  story  defies logic and  accuracy  on  multiple levels.

Firstly, Akshay Kumar is  not  confirmed  for Aanand Rai’s films  as yet.

“They are in talks. And the  negotiations haven’t yet come  to discussing   the fee as  yet. Secondly, Akshay doesn’t charge his  fee upfront. He  takes a  part of  the overall boxoffice profits  as his fee. More  likely

 than not, Akshay is a producer  on all the films that he  acts in. So where  is question  of  a fee?”

As  for  the  hefty fee, a close friend  of  the Superstar laughs it off,  “This is some marketing  wizard’s idea  of boosting  a  star’s  market value.Akshay is  without  doubt the  biggest  superstar  of Hindi cinema  with four superhits in 2019 alone. So saying charges X amount or  Y amount is not going to raise eyebrows. But  the fact is, no actor in India gets  the  kind of  money that is being  quoted.”

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