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Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu Gets Into Legal Trouble



Akshay Kumar

It looks like 2022 is  not  a favourable year for  Akshay Kumar or Jacqueline Fernandez. Now for their   forthcoming starrer   Ram Setu directed  by Abhishek Sharma which  was all  set to be released in October  2022, Akshay’s  producers have received  a  legal notice from BJP politician Subramanian Swamy.

The politician announced in  a tweet that he  intends  go legal on Ram Setu for distorting  history: “Mumbai cinema [or is it sin-e-ma] wallas have a bad habit of falsifying and misappropriation. Hence to teach them Intellectual Property Rights, I have through Satya Sabharwal Adv issued Legal Notice to Cine Actor Akshay Kumar(Bhatia) and 8 others for distorting Ram Setu saga.”

While there is  no official statement from the  film’s co-producers  Vikram Malhotra and  Aruna Bhatia, sources  inform me that the release of Ram Setu may be postponed until the legal  issues  are resolved.

For Akshay Kumar who has  a  slew of flops in recent months and  for Jacqueline  Fernandez whom the Enforcement Directorate  has named in the extortion case against alleged  scamster  Sukesh Chandrashekhar, this is one more blow they could do without.

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