Akshay To Shoot Hockey Film In Bradford with Mouni Roy As Leading Lady!

Director Reema Kagti Confirms

Though in real life India’s historic Olympics victory in 1948 when the hockey team brought home the gold medal , was played at the Wembley stadium in London, filmmaker Reema Kagti who is all set to direct a film on India’s historic win will shoot the Olympian game in Bradford,a mountainous green city in Yorkshire ,England with  a large Asian population.Apparently Reema intends to shoot the big Olympian 1948 Hockey game with Akshay Kumar and the rest of the cast in the verdant vastness of  Bradford  using the local Asian population as spectators.

Confirming that  a part of the film will be shot in Bradford Reema Kagti also confirms that Akshay Kumar’s leading lady in Gold would be television  actress Mouni Roy. Reema says she wanted to do a sports film for the longest time. “My friend the lyricist-writer Ankur Tiwari shared  the idea of a   film on a historic hockey match that India played at the 1948 Olympics and brought home India’s first gold medal. I finally got down to doing my own sports film.”

Reema is prompt to stress that the film,scripted by Rajesh Devraj, is not a historical account of the actual game .  “Mine would be a  fictional take on what actually happened. The game of hockey would feature prominently in the plot. But there will also be a strong human drama playing at the forefront.And it wouldn’t be just the Olympics victory in 1948 we will be looking at. Gold will look at 12 crucial years in India’s history.”

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