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Alia Bhatt- Ranbir Kapoor Wedding To Be Postponed Due To Rishi’s Health



Alia bhatt and Ranbir kapoor

Reports about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s shaadi seem  misguided and insensitive  in  the light of Rishi’s health relapse.

A  close friend says marriage is  not on the cards  in the Ranbir Kapoor family. “They are  not even thinking about anything except Chintu Uncle’s (Rishi Kapoor) health right now.Any talk  of a wedding can only happen once he is well again.”

Alia Bhatt- Ranbir Kapoor
Alia Bhatt- Ranbir Kapoor

 The Alia-Ranbir Kapoor marriage seems  to be getting pushed  forward repeatedly.Earlier  it was their  choc-a-block schedules that played the  villain. The  couple wanted  a  mutually shared window of two months’ holiday  for the wedding. With their only film together Brahmastara taking  up  more of their time than they had imagined, both Alia and Ranbir Kapoor’s  schedules  for their other  projects has suffered.

Now of course  work-related  problems  have taken a  backseat as  the family waits for Rishi Kapoor to get well again. We  pray for his  quick recovery.

While Rishi  Kapoor continues to  deny  a health relapse  sources  close to the family confirm that the dreaded disease for which  he was treated in New York last year, has indeed returned.

Rishi suddenly took ill in Delhi earlier  this month. He was  soon discharged and he gave defiant press statements  stating it was just  an infection caused by  Delhi’s infamous pollution. But now he’s back in  hospital, this time in Mumbai.And  the diagnosis is  not  encouraging.

Sources   close to the  Kapoor family say Rishi is in denial. “He’s  just being stubborn. This is adding to  the  family’s growing anxiety. Before  a treatment procedural  is decided on, he must accept that he’s unwell. Unfortunately,  like the first time when the disease struck, he is not willing to accept the truth.”

 This sudden unfortunate turn of circumstances has put  a question mark on  Rishi’s son Ranbir’s marriage to Alia Bhatt.  The family was  getting ready for the wedding this year. But now with  this  sudden  setback, the entire  family’s concentration will be on Rishi Kapoor’s health.

We wish him a complete recovery .

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