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Alia-Ranbir Reception Venue Shifted




All preparations for  the Alia-Ranbir shaadi on April 14, were done on Vastu, the highrise apartment block a stone’s throw away  from  Krishna Raj, Rishi and Neetu Singh’s bungalow  in Juhu where Ranbir Kapoor  stayed with his  parents  , until he moved  out last year after buying an apartment in Vastu.

Alia Bhatt also owns  an apartment in Vastu.

Although  speculative  sections  of  the press  spoke  of  other  (imagined)  venues  the  wedding was  always  scheduled to take place at  the Vastu.

However  the latest  informing   filtering in  from the Kapoor  household is  that the venue for the   wedding reception which was to be held at the Taj hotel on April 16, has now been relocated  to Vastu, the highrise apartment where  both Alia and Ranbir own property.

Only about a 100 guests have been invited to the wedding reception at Vastu. The venue has been shifted and the guest list delimited,  due to security reasons.

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