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All The Details On KGF Superstar Yash’s Next




For those hoping  for the third part of  the  KGF franchise  from Kannada superstar Yash, here is the  bad and the good news.

The bad news  is that Yash is  not doing KFG 3 next.

“Yash doesn’t want to be  branded as  the KGF star like  Sean Connery and  Daniel Craig who were  branded as James Bond .After spending a good five years  of his  life working on the KGF franchise twice, Yash  wants to take a break  from KGF,” informs source  very close  to Yash.

The  good news is, the project that  Yash is  now working on will feature  him in a role as dynamic and crowdpleasing as  KGF.

“But it will be completely different in look and  personality from KGF,” informs the source.

 KGF Chapter  1  in  2018 was  a Kannada-language  film dubbed  into  Hindi . Its staggering  boxoffice  collection were:  KGF (dubbed  Hindi) – Rs. 44 crore ($5.7 million)/ Kannada- Rs. 135 crore ($17.7 million).

KGF Chapter 2 released in 2022 was even more  successful.

No  non-Bollywood film had ever  shown the  boxoffice  collections of  these two South Indian films.

The  young  KGF star Yash  admits  his film turned the tide for regional cinema.  “When people say I put Kannada cinema on  the world map, I feel good about it.When we made  KGF we  consciously designed for a pan-India audience, The spoken language is  regional , but the spririt  of  presentation is  international  Or so we’d like to believe,” says Yash who has a massive fan following  among  Indians  everywhere.

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