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How Yash Became A Superstar




KGF  superstar  Yash’s father Arun Kumar  was a BMTC bus  driver ,a government employee.  Yash’s  real name  is Naveen Kumar. His  mother’s name is Pushpa, a housewife.  They  also owned  provision store. Yash used to take care of it ,buy all  the vegetables, etc.

 Yash’s family  faced  severe economic hardships.  Initially  his parents  were  not  happy with his decision to become  an actor. His father wanted him to be a government   officer. Yash  wanted to be an actor  from his  childhood   He participated in  a lot of dramas and  dance competition in his village.

   Early in his life, Yash  got addicted  to the applause and the whistles  Even his teachers called him  ‘Hero’ .Yash   believed he  was a hero. He thought  he would be  a superstar  the  minute he  arrived  in Bengaluru. He  lived in his own dream world.

At the  age  of 16,Yash   left his  home  in  Boovanahalli   to  come to  Bengaluru.He says  he   ran  off from his home. When he came  to  Bangalore he  was scared  the minute he reached . The city was  infinitely intimidating for  a village boy.

“But I  was  always  a confident  guy. I  wasn’t  scared to struggle. I had just 300 rupees in my pocket when I reached Bangalore. I knew if I went back my parents would  never allow me to  come back .My parents  gave me an  ultimatum. I was free to try my luck as an actor but after that if it didn’t work out I had  to do  what  they asked me to,” Yash once told me.

 Yash  took up the  challenge. He  began  doing theatre.He  knew  nothing about it. He began making money backstage. He  began by serving tea backstage.Initially he assisted  a director to  enter  the  Kannada  film industry. While  he did  theatre Yash travelled a lot. His first appearance in stage  was noticed.There  was no big period  of struggle. Everything  went smoothly.

 He then  got into television   to start earning money. He  shifted his parents to Bangaluru.  Since then they all live  together.Yash’s  debut film Mogina Mannasu got him  a Filmfare award. There were four heroes and  four heroines in the film, but Yash  was nonetheless noticed. In fact Yash’s  future  wife Radhika was  one  of  the heroines in that  film. They started their careers together on television. Then  they made  their film debut at the same time. They  were not seeing each other at that  time.

Yash and Radhika dated for about five years . Yash  knew Radhika  was  the one for him.They have practically  grown up together.

Yash was  not  surprised by the  success  of the  KGF franchise.  When they were  planning the project  they  knew it had a universal appeal and that  it would  connect with  people everywhere. Nobody  knew at  that time  that KGF would go so far.

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