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Why Are We Allowing Pratyusha’s Boy Friend To Indulge In Theatrics?



For those who think this is a nation of intolerance take a look at how we are tolerating Raj Rahul Sing– the ambitious boyfriend of tv actress Pratyusha Banerjee who ended her life under exceedingly mysterious circumstance–and his prevarication.

The couple’s neighbours and Pratyusha’s friends say they fought regularly and violently, most of the violence originating from the physically stronger partner.

And now the revelation that Pratyusha was pregnant with an aborted child before her death casts a murkier shadow over the sordid affair.

pratyusha banerjee

A friend of the actress who doesn’t want to “get into this mess” says he saw Pratyusha change from  a bubbly bright happy girl to a brooding depressive during the past one year. This friend wouldn’t know if the Boyfriend was responsible, because he doesn’t know Rahul Raj “at all”. But those who do know him swear  he was not very nice to Pratyusha.

“That she was made to get rid of her baby doesn’t surprise me at all.You had to see how that guy behaved withPratyusha in public to guess how me must have treated her when no one was watching” says the friend.

Rightly the Boyfriend was issued police summons. But rather than arrest him for alleged abatement of suicide Rahul Raj is admitted into a hospital. His parents claim he is extremely depressed and can do something drastic to himself.What about the drastic after-affects of a tyrannical love affair that the poor girl suffered?

The other day Rahul Raj locked himself in the bathroom of the hospital and refused

This is typical behavior of a child who breaks a favourite household appliance and then starts crying loudly to avoid punishment.Rahul Raj is not a child. And what he has broken is far more precious than a beloved knickknack.

Pratyusha and Rahul Raj

Pratyusha and Rahul Raj

Rahul Raj has broken his gilrfriend’s heart. There must be a solid payback.So far he has avoided arrest . It seems hard to believe that the law would be taken by his  antics at avoiding arrest.Ever since the possibility of an arrest has been looming large there is been a huge drama in and around Raj.His “worried” and “concerned” parents feel their ladla can “do something to himself” if he is arrested.

Really? Can the guy do anything worse to himself than what has already happened to the girl who loved him? Why are we even listening to these pathetic and parodic attempts to slip out of punishment? Is this a schoolboy avoiding punishment in school for not doing his homework? Or a grownup self-serving cunning and calculating  man who knowingly led a girl into her doom? Several other girls have come forward claiming they were defrauded by this man. This is the original Ricky Behl Ranveer Singh played in the film with that name.

Let the law decide whether Rahul Raj is guilty or not.But before the truth is wheedled out , do put the guy in the right state-sponsored institution.

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