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Amidst Ramzaan fast Meezaan Jaffrey Is Making the Best Of Lockdown



Actor-entertainer Javed Jaffrey’s  son Meezan who made his debut last year  in  the Sanjay Leela Bhansali production  Malaal  , is happily quarantined at a  friend’s farmhouse in  the outskirts  of Mumbai.

Speaking from his secure  haven Meezan sighs, “I’ve nothing to complain  about. The lockdown has been pretty productive for me. I am at a friend’s farmhouse where  I read distressing news of  daily wage-earning walking thousands of miles without food  to reach home. I consider  myself lucky to get  three meals  a day.”

However eating is  far from Meezan’s mind right now. “I’m fasting for Ramzaan and I am cheating myself into not eating.  I wake up by late afternoon . Then I go for a walk with my friends.After that I break my fast,  go to the gym  to train for 3-4 hours .After that  I shower, eat again. Then I  sit with  my friends and play the  guitar  to entertain them. There’s a piano  here as well. And I play  lots of video games . I am  also  watching  old films, Hindi and Hollywood classics that I haven’t seen but I should have,”

  Meezan is  also taking the time off to do  some serious soul searching.“A  lot introspection going on…Not only me, I think  everyone is doing  a lot of that  right now.I’ve a whole career ahead  and this is  a good time for me  to think about what I  should do and not  do.  This quarantine has  prompted   a lot of  thought processes in me.”

Unlike many  Bollywood celebrities  Meezan isn’t sleeping it out during the lockdown. “I’m on  a  Keto diet . That   automatically  reduces  one’s  sleeping hours. I sleep only  5-6 hours. So I have  a lot of  free time to do all the things  that I want to do.”

But Meezan  is homesick. “I miss my family back home in Mumbai.  It was actually my birthday  in March  . We came  to this farmhouse of  a friend’s  for a post-birthday weekend and  got stuck in the lockdown. But the  good thing is, I am with close friends and we’re having fun  every day.”

Meezan  is  using the  quarantine  time to brush   up his skills. “I’m brushing up  on my guitar  and piano. I   am in talks for some  action films  so  I am  working out for that.”

Meezan urges  the  privileged  to come  forward at  a time like this.  “If you can afford to help the needy, please do. This is the time to  reach out I  any way that  you can.  Those who are homeless  and and have no food  must be helped. My father is  doing all he  can  for them in Mumbai.Everyone should  do their best. But please   don’t flaunt whatever  you are doing for people. Do what  you can. But please don’t talk about it.”

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