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Ranbir Kapoor Misses His Father Every Minute



The  going  of Rishi Kapoor has left  a big  vacuum  in  everyone’s life. None more so than Ranbir Kapoor who had just started getting close to his father after  a lifetime  of aloofness.

A  close friend reveals how devastated  the  loss has left Ranbir. “He doesn’t talk about it,  not even  to his  closest friends.I doubt he  discusses  it even with Alia, or for that matter is Mom. It’s a loss that he has  to deal with all on his own.”

Both  the late Rishi Kapoor and his son  Ranbir admitted separately to this writer  that there are  differences  and distances between them. It  was only when Rishi fell seriously ill in 2017 that  Ranbir began to make an effort to reach  out to his father, and vice versa.

According to  sources  close to the family, Ranbir tried to spend as much time as possible  with  his father .

“He flew to NY to be by his father’s side at any and every given opportunity. He really made an effort to bridge the  gap between  father and son,and so did Chintuji,” says  a close family friend, partially attributing the  proximity between the two to the ‘Alia influence’.

“Alia definitely  helped bridge the  gap between  Rishi and Ranbir. But the actual effort to come close came  from the two  of them.And they did grow emotionally dependent on one another, much to Neetuji’s delight,” says  the  friend.

And now  with  the patriarch’s  sudden exit from the picture, Ranbir is left to deal with the  loss in the only way he knows how to. By clamming up.

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