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Amit Sharma On Fighting Covid



 Badhai Ho director Amit Sharma has  fought  his  way out  of  Covid Positive. Speaking to  me  on the day his quarantine ended Amit said, “It happened in spite of all  precautions .I had moved out of my home  into a hotel  for the last three months to work on my film Maidaan. The plan was to  move  back home, when I  was detected  Covid Positive.”

 Luckily  Amit’s  family  was out of station. “It is  fortunate  that  my wife  and  son are out of town. They left  for  my wife’s parents’ home in Delhi for  the  next two months. So I  was in quarantine  in my home without the fear  of infecting my  wife or son. I missed my family. But I  was  relieved that  they were  not home with me. It would have been  very difficult to keep  my son away from me.  Or  for that matter, if I had not moved  out my home for three months my  wife and  child  would also  have been susceptible  to  the virus. Though it was tough on me  to manage  with Covid  on my own, I think it was  plain good fortune that my family was spared.”

Amit counsels everyone to  exercise the optimum  caution. “There should be no slackening  of  guidelines. We are  back to shooting.By doing so we are vulnerable  to  infection. But it can’t be helped.Work has to go on. Thousands  of livelihood depend  on  it. At the same time we should be very careful. Covid19 is not going away  for a  while.”

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