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And Now Compulsory  Holidays  For Film Workers



 For  the first time in  all the decades  of their existence,the ground workers of the Hindi films industry are being granted compulsory holidays throughout the  year, beginning in 2023.

The holiday  list , drawn up by the   Federation of Western India Cine  Employees(FWICE) mentions  12 days  during the  year when all employees  of the Hindi film industry will observe tools-down. These compulsory holidays include Republic Day, Mahashivratri, Holi, Eid, Muharram, Ganesh  Chaturthi  and Christmas.

According to the FWICE  , no film worker will be  obliged  to work for the  12 holidays each year  unless there is an urgent shooting  for which the  producer would have  to take the  FWICE’s  consent.

This is a revolutionary step ahead in providing the basic civil rights to thousands  of  employees in the Hindi film industry.

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