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Finally, M M Keeravani Speaks To Subhash  K Jha




First of all, thank you for making  India  proud?

Thank you being  so patient, Sir. This is  the  first opportunity I’ve had to  call you. There are  more than twelve hundred messages on my phone,  and innumerable requests  for interviews both here  in  the US and from back home. I don’t like to  say no to anybody. But I can’t be  speaking to so many  people. You know me, Sir.

Always a  recluse, always work first, talk never?

(Laughs)  I am talking to you in a hushed  voice because I am sharing my room with somebody…

I can imagine , after  the kind of  money that has been spent to promote RRR, the team must be cutting corners.

Ha, Sir, it’s all been worth it finally. When I am getting calls  and messages from  back home in India saying that I’ve made the country proud, I feel I’ve finally achieved something. I needed to prioritize my replies to  the messages, and I’m trying to do that. But it is hard.

I am sure you have replied to  PM Modi who graciously congratulated  you and the team?

It was  a pleasant  surprise, and a huge honour to have the  PM acknowledging and appreciating  our hard work, Believe me, Sir, it has not been easy  getting where we are now. The last few months  have gone  by in  a whirl. I feel  I am in a dream that I don’t want to  wake up .

Indeed, this is a dream run for RRR, and it continues,now it’s the Oscar?

I am  confident , Sir, that we will win the Oscar too.

Were  you confident you would win the  Golden Globe?

Believe me, Sir, when I entered the Golden Globe ceremony  with the RRR team, with my wife  Srivalli and my  children, I was confident we  would win.  Our table  number was 224. When we all sat down  I was  confident we  would win.

And  you did. Do you have  any idea of the euphoria and  jubilation back home?

Yes, Sir,  I am aware. I am also aware of the expectations from me. I’ve always done my best. You have been a support from the time I  started. We must get together  for  that long-promised music session…And one more thing..

Jee , tell me please?

You must continue  sending me  all those  wonderful songs of Lataji. They have opened  a new window  in my music.

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