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Anil Kapoor’s 10 Funniest Roles



Anil Kapoor, Son Harshvarrdhan

  1. Mr India: He was invisible on screen most of the time. But when he did show up  it was to either squabble with Sridevi, spar with Amrish Puri or play with the adopted kids.A full-on fun role where Kapoor played the role he was born to play. The child-man.
  2. BiwiNo 1:  In an out-and-out Salman starrer where he played a bigamist, Anil Kapoor sportingly took on the role of a  loud meddlesome Punjabi family man who keeps  showing up at the most inopportune moments. The role was originally done by KamalHaasan whose daughter Shruti  who co-stars with Anil in Welcome Back.
  3. AndarBaahar: Jackie Shroff brought out the prankster in Anil Kapoor. If you don’t believe me ,watch Anil as a petty criminal hitching up with serious cop Jackie to catch a big criminal. It was ripped off from 48 Hours.  Nobody cared in those days as long as
  4. Ram Lakhan: 1, 2 Ka4, 4,2 ka 1. Again the incurable rogue.Anil was a laugh riot in the film’s best-known song.
  5. ChameliKi Shaadi: Scrawny and hairy Anil Kapoor wants to be a wrestler in this Basu Chatterjee satire.
  6. GharwaliBaharwali: Balancing between two wives Raveena and Rambha Anil here did what Salman tried in Biwi No.1  with much better comic consequences.
  7. JhoothBole Kauva Kaate:  In Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s final film Anil did everything that Amol Palekar did in Gol Maal. Anil’s sequences with Amrish Puri brimmed over with humour.
  8. BadhaaiHo Badhaai: Anil Kapoor’s only role with prosthetics. He played  a  funny fat man with elan.
  9. No Entry: AneesBazmi’s sex comedy featured Anil Kapoor as a married man with a roving eye.Funny as hell.
  10. Welcome….Back :  AnilKapoor’s  Majnu Bhai had  some comic moments with Nana Patekar. This is a comedy itching for an encore.
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