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Anurag Kashyap’s  Next Is  A Remake Of A Spanish Film!!!!!

Anurag Kashyap one of the most original voices  among contemporary  directors,  has succumbed to the pressure of  taking the easy route to filmmaking.

It seems  Bollywood is facing  a more acute crisis  of  creativity than ever before. 

In his underproduction  Dobaraa  Kashyap  is  doing  a remake  of  a Spanish film. His first attempt to adapt  from foreign sources.

The  original Spanish film entitled  Mirage directed  by Oriol Paulo is  a time-travel  drama  about a young mother trying to excavate her a daughter  from  the past. The  film is available on Netflix for all  to see. So why  a remake?

According to  sources,  one of the  film’s producers bought the remake  rights  of three  of  Oriol Paulo’s Spanish  films  together . One of them  The Invisible  Guest  was remade into Hindi as Badlaa and  featured Taapsee Pannu and Amitabh Bachchan, playing a murderous game  against one another.

Dobaraa is therefore  Ms Pannu’s second remake of  an Oriol Paulo film. The  third  entitled The  Body was remade with Rishi Kapoor  in the lead  two years ago.

This is   a rather  sorry space for  Hindi cinema  to be.  In a country  brimming over with  a rich literary heritage  filmmakers, even those  known for their  original works, are now taking the lazy  route  adapting from foreign  sources.

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