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Anurag Kashyap Puts His Foot In His Mouth, Do Baara Likely To Be Affected Badly



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Anurag Kashyap loves to talk for effect. Half the  time he doesn’t  mean what he says. But  his  statements  are often so  cringe-wordy  that  those  close to him fear  of the  instant and  far-reaching  repercussions.

At an event  to promote  his new film Do Baaraa this week Kashyap joked  that  his leading lady Taapsee  Pannu is  “jealous of his  boobs”.

At another  event Kashyap has gone many steps ahead in his brashspeak , stating that  S S rajamouli’s RRR  should go to the Oscars next year,  and  not  Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files.

Livid and retaliatory  Vivek Agnihotri has hit back  with a tweet that had gone viral : “The vicious, GENOCIDE-DENIER lobby of Bollywood has started their campaign against #TheKashmirFiles for #Oscars, under the leadership of the maker of #Dobaaraa.”

While  the  collections of Dobaaraa  are likely to be hit by Kashyap’s Oscar bomb,the immediate  aftermath of  the careless utterance is a blanket ban on  the Liger gang’s  casual  quips  at  media events.

Says a  source, “The  release of Liger is  a week away. At this point of time any casual remark could trigger  off  a hostile reaction. Vijay Deverakonda  and Ananya Pandey have been told to not answer  any questions outside the promotional  boundary.Vijay and his  director  Puri Jagnanadh have  been  advised to resort to my-Hindi-is-weak tactic.

 Ananya Pandey  has  been especially told  to mum. The Liger  team’s golden  advice  to  Ananya: when in doubt, simply pout.

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