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“Anyone Who Thinks My Daughter Will Go Shooting During A Lockdown Needs A Reality Check,” Shatrughan Sinha



Shatrughan Sinha

The  indefatigable  Shatrughan Sinha can’t stop laughing at  the  suggestion  that his  daughter Sonakshi has been shooting  during the lockdown.

“Kahan shooting ? Kaun si shooting? Sonakshi  has been  home with us  throughout since  the lockdown. Hum log ke ghar mein koi pagal nahin hai . No one is  stepping out  at a time when  our   beloved  Prime  Minister, the real  action  hero Modiji  has very wisely and sternly asked  everyone  to stay indoors,”  says  the  master quipster .

Tongue  firmly in cheek Shatrughan Sinha  continues,  “If Sonakshi has been spotted then it  must be her  double. It is said all of us have an exact duplicate  somewhere  in the world. Looks like Sonakshi’s duplicate is right here in  Mumbai.”

Getting serious Shatrughan Sinha says we all  need to get  more responsible while making allegations  against  others.  “Misinformation is  the  biggest  monster  in  these difficult times of  the virus.  Don’t spread unverified information. Things can get very difficult  for  you.”

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