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Are Amitabh Bachchan and Sooraj Barjatya Really Coming Together?



 Recent reports  suggest that  the  two stalwarts Amitabh  Bachchan and  Sooraj Barjatya  are indeed  coming together for a  film that, according to reports , will start  shooting in February 2021.

However reliable  sources say the  news is a case of jumping the  gun. “Bachchan Saab and SoorajBabu  have discussed a project. But nothing concrete has come  of it yet. Mr Bachchan is currently knee-deep in work commitments. He  is  not planning  on taking on anything new  until he finishes his  current assignments.”

Incidentally, Sooraj Barjayta had worked with Junior Bachchan in Main Prem  Ki Deewani Hoonand  it was  an unforgettable  experience for Abhishek .

“He’s a fantastic storyteller. When he came  to   narrate  Main  Prem  Ki Deewani  Hoon to me  , he had all the songs with him on a portable taperecorder which  he  played  whenever  a song came up  in  the narration,” Abhishek had said.

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