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Arijit Singh Pays A Tribute To Lataji



Arijit Singh

Camera-shy singer  Arijit Singh will be seen paying a  tribute  to the Goddess Of All melodious Things Lata Mangeshkar   on  Gajendra Singh’s  Naam Reh Jayegaa  on Sunday 5 June  on Star Plus.

 This is a  very rare television  appearance by Arijit but something that he  needed  to do.Airjit will be singing a medley of  the most magnificent  Mangeshkar melodies including  Jo vada kiya woh nibhana  padega(Taj Mahal), Dikhayee  diye yun(Bazaar) and Tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi(Masoom).

Says  Arijt,  “These songs seem easy but when you sing you realise it’s not easy at all. Every song has different memories attached to it. I was introduced to Lataji’s songs at an early age by my mother and that is how the love and respect for Lataji was seeded in me.”

Adds the show’s producer Gajendra Singh, “When I approached Arijit, I was pleasantly surprised with his prompt consent to be part of this show. He did a lot of research on the songs that he would sing, in terms of mood and feel of the songs. He rehearsed from 2 PM to 2 AM, sat with each musician and did the song setup.  The Shooting for Arijit’s episode went on through an entire night. He sang a 40 minute Hindi- Bengali medley that’s mesmerising”.

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