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Arjun Rampal Tells Why 2020 Was a Learning curve for all Of Us



Would you agree 2020 was the worst year of our lives?

Yes agreed, we saw too much pain, ugliness, hatred, uncertainty, helplessness. Yet on the other side we saw a lot of grace, love, nobility, generosity, humility. What my friend Sonu Sood did will always stay with me. We saw how the world came together for one other. How our planet started to heal. How all our personal needs which were imperative weren’t so important anymore. 

New member in the family? How does it feel?

My son Arik is a blessing an angel. I lost my mother which was very hard for me to accept and I got Arik. He’s brought all of us closer as a family. He’s brought us so much joy. We all are grateful.

What made you choose Nailpolish? Are you looking for different characters at this stage?

The script. The team, Bugs Bhargava as a director and human being. The actors Manav Kaul, Anand Singh and Rajit Kapur. The writing. The case. The crew. All were the reasons. Come on, Subhash!!! When have I not looked for different characters? That is my journey.

Your last release was Paltan. Why such a long hiatus?

My last release theatrically was Paltan. On OTT I debuted with Final Call. Then I  was just waiting for the right stuff to come along. Was reading and searching. Started filming, Then Covid happened. Stopped filming. Then as lockdown was lifted finished two films Nail Polish and Penthouse with Abbas Mustan.

Cinema vs Digital?What is  your preference?

Both can and will exist together. Content is King. Both will need to keep that in mind.

In a year of bleakness and massive losses, which performances and films you liked the most?

I enjoyed Sudhir Mishra’s Serious Men, Hansal Mehta’s   Scam, and my  own  Nailpolish.The  Queens Gambit, The trial of Chicago 7 , Social Dilemma.  I liked Manav Kaul’s performance  in Nail  Polish.

Irrfan ,Rishi,  Sushant your reactions  to their sudden departure?

Heartbreaking, a huge loss to the our industry All three were  very very very special artists.  I knew Irrfan and Rishi Sir and have beautiful memories of them which I am so lucky to have. They were absolutely  fantastic individuals. Original, real and with great sense of humours.

And Sushant?

Sushant, I didn’t know well, but had met him a few times, every time , he was so charming, warm, gentle and polite with an infectious boyish  smile. Was stunned when I heard the news. Couldn’t have ever imagined him to be going through such kind of sadness. They all were very special souls. May God give their families all the strength to cope.

Ugly run- in’s on social media, your take on toxicity on social media?

Ignore,just  by someone barking shit, doesn’t make it the truth.

Upcoming projects?

I have about ten  projects now as there is the backlog of 2020 from which I have completed 2. 8 more to go.

Plans for 2021, to take  your  career and life ahead?

Mental happiness, health, love, staying close to my loved ones, working like there is no tomorrow. Gratitude.I plan to be an ambassador for all of the above.

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