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Arjun Reddy Director’s Next Is ‘DEVIL’ With Ranbir Kapoor



 The Arjun Reddy/ Kabir Singh director Sandeep Vanga has moved on to a  dark crime thriller  entitled  Devil  .

And this  time it’s going to be a Hindi film for  Vanga who was flooded with offers  from Bollywood  and Telugu cinema after the twin super-successes  of the Telugu  film Arjun Reddy and its  Hindi remake Kabir Singh.

Every major actor in  Hindi and  Telugu cinema wants to work with Vanga. But the  director has zeroed in  on whom  he wants  to  work with. This  time it’s  none other than Ranbir Kapoor who has agreed  to be part  of Vanga’s cinema.

The director has narrated the  suspense thriller  to Ranbir who apparently  loved the dark character with negative shades.

Interestingly Devil is  the same  film and character  that Vanga offered  to Telugu  superstar Mahesh Babu.

Says a source  close to the development, “Sandeep Vanga was very keen to work with Mahesh Babu and Mahesh too was  interested  in working with Vanga. They met and Vanga  narrated Devil  to Mahesh Babu who found  the subject too dark for his taste and for his audience’s  taste.”

 Mahesh  apparently asked Vanga  to come up with another idea. But Sandeep preferred  to take Devil to  Ranbir  instead.Sources say  Devil is  the darkest character Ranbir has  ever taken up.

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