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Section 375 Director Under Attack For Movie’s Controversial ending



At  the end  of the very engaging courtroom drama Section 375  director Ajay Bahl leaves  us with a question mark regarding the rape survivor’s  claim of being raped.

 This ambiguous  ending has angered netizens  and  several  critics who accuse the director taking the MeToo  movement .

 Ajay Rai is  being trolled  mercilessly  for the  ‘open’ ending.But Ajay is far from fazed.

He defends his  film, “There is   never a clean closure to such a  horrific crime. Also, it must be remembered that this was  a script that  was brought to me by  the  producers  to  direct a subject  that was already with them. So my  opinion  on the way this  courtroom battle ended  wasn’t taken into consideration.”

About  the  critical backlash Ajay says,  “You will be surprised at the huge number false cases  of sexual  harassment  and domestic violence that are registered against men. To say women are always  right  and men always wrong in sexual harassment cases wouldn’t be  correct.My film doesn’t  defend  predatory behaviour. It  argues for a right of  voice for  the accused.”

 The rape incident  in Section 370  set in the Hindi film industry has  many shades taken  from the  murky Shiney Ahuja  case.

Says Ajay, “There may be similarities.  But ours is  a fictional case. There are many such cases in every  profession.In showbiz they get highlighted.”

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