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Aryan Khan’s Mother’s Birthday Party Postponed



Aryan Khan with family

Not without my son…seems the  defining  theme  of  Aryan Khan’s  mother Gauri Khan’s birthday today  October  8. Friends  had  planned a  grand  birthday  bash for Mrs Shah Rukh Khan. But with son Aryan still in judicial  custody, the  party will  just have to wait.

“This is Gauri Khan’s saddest birthday  ever. Her son is  still  away, and she cannot think straight.We cannot even wish her a  happy birthday. Gauri’s birthday can only be happy if Aryan gets interim bail  today.It’s the best gift she  can hope for,” a  close family friend  reveals.

A  section of  the media has  reported that  Gauri tried to “sneak” burgers into Aryan’s custodial  cell.

The Khans’ family friend takes strong exception  to what he  calls  “junkfood journalism.”

“How much more will they stoop to make  headlines?  Is Gauri stupid to feed her  son burgers  in custody? They  just want  him out anyhow. Do you think they’d  risk his bail  possibilities by  acting  rashly?”  the friend asks.

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