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Outcry Against Aryan’s Arrest Amplifies, The Khans Strengthen Their Legal Team



Shah Rukh- Aryan Khan

It seems most likely that Aryan Khan will be granted bail shortly. The Narcotics Control Bureau’s attempts to control drug abuse seems to have gone horribly out of control.

As the volume of unanswered questions as to why such exemplary haste was shown in the arrest, rises, one hears that Shah Rukh and Aryan Khan’s  legal team is preparing for a  long battle  ahead against the people who apparently  planned and plotted  the  highly-publicized arrest of Aryan Khan.

Huge legal redressal is likely to be demanded from the perpetrators who, we might add, would have a hard  time proving the charges of drug consumption, possession and drug trafficking based on a few random whatsApp messages which are in any case, inapplicable in court.

An informed source tells me, “Shah Rukh is going to pull out all stops to prove his son’s  innocence. There is a public outcry against the unlawful confinement of his son. Shah Rukh will  go right ahead  take  the bull by horns. Some people  have got to pay for what’s been done. The

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