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Ayushmann Scores With His Slam Poetry On Being A Real Man



Brand Ayushmann Races Ahead Of The Competition

A  poem recited  in a video  by Ayushmann Khurrana on  the  occasion   of  International Men’s Day has  gone viral. In the  brilliant recitation Ayushmann  is heard  breaking the macho stereotypes  of  manliness, gently telling us  that  it’s okay for men to feel  the pain,  their own and that  of  the  others.

Says Ayushmann, “It’s slam poetry ,a  popular form of  protest  against blind conformity.That is what  I’ve been doing in my films also, breaking stereotypes. Playing  the hero who doesn’t conform  to  traditional  standards  of  mardangi comes  naturally to me. This  poem, which is  actually a part  of  a campaign  to promote  a brand  of men’s accessories  The Man Company, that  I am associated  with,  was written by Gaurav Solanki,  the  writer  of my film Article 15.”

Ayushmann says when he heard  the  poem he immediately identified with   it. “I’ve  always believed  masculinity is  not about muscles and  swag. It  is  about sensitivity  towards  your partner.It ‘s about  caring and sharing …All  these thoughts are  echoed  in  the poem. I  decided, why not use that  platform  to make  a point?” Effectively

The  response has been overwhelming. “People  are  listening  to me. It is important that  I use my voice The  slang poetry that  Ayushmann  recites so effectively in this  video  is written  in a colloquial  style using words which are  readily accessible to every strata  of  society. The elitist tag  attached  to poetry is  thereby  eliminated.

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