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Baaghi 3 Trailer Looks Like Ghayal Re-Loaded



Tiger Shroff  is  on a  winning spree.And  what better way to  bolster his brand than another  Baaghi film?  Having nailed the action in  the  first two films Tiger , with choreographer-turned-director Ahmed Khan at  the helm unleashes  what  looks like a millennial  version  of Raj Kumar Santoshi’s  Ghayal.

Tiger plays the street-smart fist-friendly  rebooted version  of Sunny Deol,while Ritesh Deshmukh  is the  doting  brother who gets  kidnapped in , ahem,Syria(the  film is  actually shot in Serbia). The  Baaghi franchise  is characterized  by  a kidnapping incident. In the  first Baaghi film it was Tiger’s girlfriend who   got kidnapped. In Baaghi 2  it  was his daughter. This time it is his brother. Next time  it  might be the  producer Sajid Nadiadwala.

 Remember Raj Babbar and Sunny Deol’s  Deol’s  sibling  prem  in  Ghayal?  Baaghi 3  is  Ghayal  with the action taken to a level that Raj Kumar Santoshi  and Deol could’ve never imagined. In fact  it seems like action never  seen  in Hindi cinema before. The stunts are  set in Syria, though the film  was  actually shot in  Serbia. It all adds up to a trailer that promises  to  take  Tiger to a tantalizing  peak of action even without Hrithik  Roshan  for company.

Oh yes,  there is Shradha Kapoor too riding through the rugged  outdoors trying to make  her presence felt by saying things like,  ‘Usski Macho Beep Dena’

Whatever that means. Doesn’t sound very polite.Coherence  is  not  the  key factor here. High-octane  action is. On that score Baaghi 3 seems  to  indicate  it has out-done the other two films  in the Franchise.

Incidentally the trailer  proudly announces, “A Sajid Nadiadwala Franchise”

Production  finally gets preen-worthy.

Rating: ***(2 stars  for  the action scenes)

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