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Baahubali Writer Denies  Collaborating With Aamir Khan For Mahabharat



Baahubali Writer Denies  Collaborating With Aamir Khan For Mahabharat 5

K Vijayendra  Prasad  who has scripted his son S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali  and   also  the Salman Khan blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan is, according to a widely-read report, all set to collaborate  with  Aamir Khan  on   a new version  of  the Mahabharat .

Or, so  the  report  quotes  Vijayendra  Prasad as saying.

He is quoted as  saying, “The dialogue has started between me and Mr Aamir Khan regarding ‘Mahabharat’ We will begin work on the script. It is too pre-mature to talk anything in detail about the project,”

However when I contacted the veteran  writer he denied any plans of  a collaboration with Aamir Khan over the Mahabharat or   any other  project. “The reporter  did speak  to me. But I think there was  some  miscommunication  because  of a language problem .Aklso because I am not able to  catch  all of  a conversation on  the phone. The fact is, there is no such  collaboration  with Aamir.”

Could it be   because  Vijayendra’s son Rajamouli  is  planning his own  version  of  the Mahabharat?   “No such thing! We are  not committed to work  only with each othe. The fact is, I am not  doing anything on  the Mahabharat.”